Katie Williams

is an artist, designer, and cat mom living in Chicago.




Memory Panels

A reflection on translation and union using design and fine art as a means to process new tools.

2020/ 21

Memory Panels, 2020, digital painting, 15x15in.
Two separate memories in conversation with one another, these panels incorporate and illustrate my most favorite elements of two media I use to communicate: abstract painting (typically oil, in this case digital) and typography. 

The memories of each respond to the concept of translation, an ever-present theme in my life both professionally and personally. 

1, 2004
Adult art classes become my new daily education. It was there I learned to express what I did not have the vocabulary to communicate, through color, line, and form. Visual making becomes inextricably bound with my way of existing. 

2, 2019
A crossroads, in which formally training in design proves to feel incompatible with my way of expressing and creating. Stubborn, determined to tackle a passion that does not come naturally, I learn to work through mashing together the presence of my hand with the digital until I am comfortable enough to handle elements alone. 

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