Katie Williams

is an artist, designer, and cat mom living in Chicago.




Forget Me Not

The second book in a series created to accompany my graduate thesis work. This body of work asks: what does it mean to know another? as I attempt to finally get to know and form a relationship with my grandmother as her Alzheimer’s progresses.


Forget Me Not, 2021, Synthetic fiber, Risograph and offset printed on speckletone paper, 8x10in.
I assume the roles of historian and anthropologist as I document our family’s (never before recorded) history. I confront the disease’s genetic power in our family tree and the high probability of its dormant presence in my father and in myself. Through collecting public records, saved correspondence, personal photographs, and oral history, I create the first archive for our family. These items direct the composition and form of my resulting body of work.

In tandem with my robust research and making process (which includes a newly expanded weaving practice), I turned to writing as another form of digesting and making sense of the data. This collection of essays reflect on my budding relationship with my grandmother, discoveries made while researching our family tree, and the role weaving plays in this project. Essay titles chronologically form a subtitle for the book: Interestingly, The Why (in part) Is Woven Within Me.
Riso colors used: Bright Red, Federal Blue, Flat Gold, Yellow, Fluorescent Pink, Black.

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