Silken Fetters


Silken Fetters is an editorial spread created first with the cut-and-paste method, then measured digitally and composed using a 6-column grid structure. The goal was to create a dynamic reading experience that heightened an otherwise dry text. About half of the images were provided, and the other half were sourced from scientific entymologist journals and other periodicals. 

During the initial process phase, I created about 5 full paste-up versions, each 28 pages in length. Once working digitally, I was able to condense the information into a 26-page spread.

While the content is methodical and heavily factual, the author pays special attention to the delicacy and grace of the spider. It was important, therefore, to introduce a sophistication and ephemeral intimacy into the layout.

Full spread available to view upon request. 

©2022 Katie Williams. All rights reserved. 
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