Hunger Can’t Wait


Part identity design, part print design calling for 3 posters, a multi-page informational digital document and social media assets for fictitious organization The Food Bank Movement’s campagin “Hunger Can’t Wait.” While researching similar organizations to this one (namely, Feeing America), I did what I always do—heavily annotate and create my own guide of notes to make the information more understandable. Looking over my notes later gave me the familiar thrill of getting a used textbook for class and opening it to find generations’ worth of annotations. A sigh of relief that I had a handmade Sparknotes built in. 

The language, statistics and data provided regarding food insecurity and hunger is dry, dense and difficult to grasp given the volume and scale of numbers involved. To make this organization more approachable, and therefore more effective at accessing and educating the public, I wanted to replicate the annotated notebook. 

All assets of the identity incorporate my own handwriting, and scanned loose papers and sticky notes. The overall effect is nostalgic and intimate, approachable and informative. 

Full digital informational document available upon request.

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